Thumbprint Skeletons

Want a simple Halloween craft that is super fun for your kids? This thumbprint skeleton craft is so simple to make, and your kids won’t get enough of it. While this is a great craft for Halloween, you can also do this with young kids if you are studying the skeletal system of the human body.

If you are a parent that considers yourself to be lacking in craft department, you appreciate simple crafts that are easy to set up. This is one of those and it’s fun at the same time. It’s not full on finger painting since it only involves your thumb, so not a huge mess — unless your child decides otherwise.

The fun thing about these Thumbprint Skeleton Crafts is that it’s simple and easy for all ages to do. This also means that all the skeletons are going to be a different size, too! Have fun making thumbprints and them comparing the differences among the kids. Even the adults should join in on the fun of this fun craft.


Black construction paper Scissors

Q-tips Craft Glue

Black marker


Craft Glue


  • Begin by dipping your thumb into white paint. Press it to the black paper to craft the head of the skeleton. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly. Repeat until you have the number of skeleton heads you wish.

  • While the paint dries you can start snipping the q-tips into segments. These will be the bones of your skeletons. Add a dab of glue to the back of each and press them to the thumb prints as shown to create the body of the skeletons. You will need about 5 pieces for each body you wish to make.

  • Once the bodies are assembled, you can craft the faces of your skeletons. Use a marker to add a simple set of eyes and mouth.

*October craft courtesy of A Pinch of Perfect. All photos are property of A Pinch of Perfect.

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