Crafting with Vegetables??

Celery Stamped Owl Craft

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We are all about using things we have in our home and repurposing them for craft time. Our craft for this week does just that!! I know if you are like me, there is often a produce item that gets forgotten about! Don't put it in the trash just yet!

Materials Needed:

  • Brown paint

  • Celery

  • Paper

  • Sharpie

  • Glue/Scissors


1. Cut out the shape of an owls body with yellow paper. Then cut out some wings with a patterned paper, some circle eyes, a beak, and his feet.

2. Glue on the eyes, beak, and feet. Then cut a piece of celery and dip it in the paint to stamp onto the bird. Have them do lines of stamps making it look like the owl’s feathers.

3. Finish the little owl off by gluing on his wings!

Share your photos with us! Send completed craft or a photo of your child doing the craft to All submitted photos will receive a one month subscription to our monthly craft box!

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